Monday, September 29, 2008

9 months!

Maddux is 9 months today!
*weight: 18 lbs, 5 oz - 15%
*height: 29.75 inches - 90%
*head: 18 inches - 60%

*he stopped nursing (my fault since my milk dried up)
* is eating SO much better this month than last month. he so enjoys eating whatever we are eating, but has learned to love his baby food too.
*has started eating baby foods with meat in them. so now he has more variety than just his orange favorites. he even started to eat different fruits and veggies...including some green ones! yay!
*we finally got him to hold his own bottle this weekend (i think he is just a lil lazy and likes us to hold it for him)

*sleeping through the night, which is mommy's dream come true! some nights he sleeps longer than others, but right now he goes down between 7:30 and 8:30, wakes up at 6:30 for a bottle, then will sleep for another two hours or so. LOVE IT!

*crawling, crawling, crawling
*climbing. the kid loves to climb up anything he, us, stairs, anything. he is getting super speedy up the stairs and it scares me!
*he can stand now with very little help. drew has even managed to get him to stand all on his own for a few seconds at a time, but he's super wobbly!
*he walks around while holding on to the couch or his big toys, but i think he is still far from actually walking on his own.
*maddux has discovered how to open cupboards and drawers and pull the contents out and spread it all over the floor. nice
*waving bye-bye

*he has 5 teeth now- two on top, three on bottom- and he loves to bite things to shreds ( grocery list)

*maddux loves baby einstein's "baby's first moves". we must watch it 5 times a day! he sits and stares and then cracks up at certain parts (kangaroo puppet, caterpillar puppet, dinosaurs, and the monkey puppets). we have 15 baby einstein movies to choose from, but this is the one we watch over and over again. he loves it!
*he loves baby mum mums. i think he could eat his body weight in mum mums (highly reccommended to all moms...see pic below!)
*just this friday, lauren and paisley let maddux borrow a couple of awesome toys. maddux is loving one of them and plays with it nonstop while he is awake. thanks for sharing paisley!
*daddy!! maddux likes me and all, but my goodness...he gets excited when he sees daddy!
*and of course --the stairs

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last night we celebrated Bo (Drew's youngest brother)'s Birthday! He's 18 years old! It's crazy because when I first met him he was an immature little kid and now he's grown so much into an immature BIG kid!!! (just kidding Bo!!!) We had dinner at Red Robin (always the family favorite) and then went to the speedway where everyone raced while Maddux and I watched from the sidelines. It was a really fun and much needed relaxing night!
Happy Birthday Bo!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

So, this post is a bit of a pat on the back for Brandis and me (lame, I know), but we ran 18 miles this morning!!! Wowsers! {that may not sound too bad, but when you think about the fact that we ran half way into Ahwatukee from Brandis's house or that we ran through three citites - Gilbert, Chandler and sounds insane to me!} Even better is that it was surprisingly easy! We ran just under 11 minute miles the whole way and only took a few stops to eat some of these great inventions....honestly...why couldn't we have discovered these 4 months ago?!!

We both also invested in one of these guys last night...
So, we were pretty stinking excited and now we are pumped and ready for the marathon three weeks from today!
Bring it on St. George!! :) (this is us on my camera phone where Chandler and Ray meet up in Ahwatukee)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

here are a couple funny pics i've caught on my phone lately.
(it explains the poor quality)

both feet are off the ground and he is digging for a toy in his bucket!
headstand?? not really sure what this is all about, but he was doing it all day today!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Maddux loves books!
He loves to be read to, he loves to chew on the books, but mostly he likes to pull them off the shelf and spread them all over the room! I have an obsession with children's books myself so I have a TON of them for Maddux to play with (and hopefully READ someday!).
I line them up neatly, he pulls them all off. He goes to sleep, I line them up neatly, he wakes up and pulls them all off....