Sunday, November 7, 2010

7 years!

Happy Anniversary to my BFF! I couldn't love this guy more.
He is a great dad and an awesome husband!
7 years ago, this is the only taste we got of our wedding cake. We thought, like most couples, we'd eat the top layer of our cake either after the honeymoon or on our 1 year anniversary. WRONG. My fam busted it out while we were away and it was gone before we got back! We have teased them about it for years!
This year I thought it'd be fun to surprise drew and order a replica of our cake for our anniversary. It didn't work out exactly how I had planned it in my head, but it was still fun!

the original...
the duplicate...(kinda)...
This is what Drew surprised me with...My gift to Drew...Celebrating at the most delicious dinner ever...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

6 months

Reese is 6 months today.

*She is going to be our drama queen. The girl knows what she wants and lets us know it! yikes!
*She smiles at anyone who glances her way. She is a super happy baby.
*She has started eating rice cereal and some green vegetables.
*(Usually) sleeps 12 hours a night.
*Still adores her big brother.
*Rolls all over the place & loves to roll to the end of the rug and stomp her feet on the wood floors.
*She is very strong- necks and legs. She loves to stand up.
*Has mastered a killer whine. Not my favorite sound.
*Drew swears she won't be able to see out of her left eye when she grows up because it's always half covered with a giant flower. ;)
*She squeals, laughs and makes noises that I'm fairly certain she thinks we understand.
*Still has no hair, just a few wispy strands that have sprouted.

She weighs 15lbs, 9 oz - 45 %
She is 27.1" tall - 92%

Current nicknames include: Reese Monkey, Reesie bug, and Chunky Monkey.

Monday, November 1, 2010


This was the Halloween that wouldn't end. Don't get me wrong..I love the holiday. We had so much fun. It was just TOOOO LONG. The past 2 weeks we had: Halloween birthday party, Halloween preschool party, Halloween playdate, 2 other Halloween parties, a ward trunk or treat..and THEN Halloween.

Our family dressed up with a Super Hero theme (Maddux's request), He was, of course, Batman. Reese was Catwoman, I was Supergirl, Daddy was Clark Kent/Superman (Maddux is still confused by this because Joker was his request for Daddy), Joel was Mr. Freeze, and Kasey & Vander were Batman. :)

Ward Trunk or Treat

Other Halloween parties


Saturday we woke up and realized we had nowhere to be and nothing we HAD to do. (of course we had plenty of chores and errands that we should have done, but nah) We took advantage and took off for an awesome family day.

We scoped out the coolest McDonalds play place for lunch (gag), drove to the "summit" of South Mountain and played, shopped a bit, met up with the Ingrams and had dinner, played at the play area at Chandler mall.
We wore the kids (and myself) out really well!