Monday, November 1, 2010


This was the Halloween that wouldn't end. Don't get me wrong..I love the holiday. We had so much fun. It was just TOOOO LONG. The past 2 weeks we had: Halloween birthday party, Halloween preschool party, Halloween playdate, 2 other Halloween parties, a ward trunk or treat..and THEN Halloween.

Our family dressed up with a Super Hero theme (Maddux's request), He was, of course, Batman. Reese was Catwoman, I was Supergirl, Daddy was Clark Kent/Superman (Maddux is still confused by this because Joker was his request for Daddy), Joel was Mr. Freeze, and Kasey & Vander were Batman. :)

Ward Trunk or Treat

Other Halloween parties

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Mike and Alecia said...

What a cute family. I love the superhero idea. Parker already wants to be batman next year all because of Maddux, becuase batman has never been mentioned in our house. Looks like you've had a very fun couple of weeks!