Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Toe (or lack thereof)

Thursday was a CRAZY day! I woke up early (yes, 7:30 is pretty stinking early for my lazy butt these days) to start babysitting my friend Becca's cute little Andersen. Around 11:00 the kids were all playing and somehow Reese pulled our bar stool over onto her toe. I didn't think too much of it until I saw all the blood. Too much blood for a small wound. Picked her up and looked to see her toe completely smashed and bleeding more than I've seen either of my kids bleed before. Note: I do NOT do well with blood.

Grabbed a cloth, held it to her toe and started frantically making teary calls. Luckily Kasey lives just 2 miles away. She was here SO fast to watch the kids and I took off with Reese and a large chunk of her toe I'd found on the stool to the ER.

The doctor and I thought we could see her bone, so we she immediately had X-Rays. No bones were broken, but the tissue damage was deep. Imagine starting at the bed of your nail and then cutting diagonally downward toward the tip of your toe. The nail and all.. totally gone! A lot of people asked if we got stitches. Sadly, there was/is nothing to stitch. It's just a big open wound.

The good news is that we saw a Podiatrist yesterday and he said everything should be able to grow back on its own! Today I took her over to my friends, Dave and Alicia (Doctor and pharmacist super-couple who have come to my rescue on more than one occasion) to have them help me unwrap and rewrap her foot. I cannot believe the difference just one day makes! It already looks so much better! I even think I could probably wrap it on my own without passing out next time!

Yesterday Reese decided she was tired of sitting and tired of being carried. She decided to try and walk. The walk quickly turned into a run and the girl is back on her feet! It's so cute to watch because she has to walk on her heel only.

I'm putting pictures below...

WARNING: If you have a weak stomach, dislike gory things, or are eating...stop here! :)

Podiatrist appointment. She was a trooper, but by the end of pulling the gauze off the open wound, Reese was screaming, I was crying, and my mom was teary.