Friday, March 27, 2009

Whelp, I swore it would never happen. I would never be the mom who accidentally locks her baby in the car...but I did it!!! :(
Today I was meeting a client and I took Maddux along with me. I was strapping him into his carseat and he grabbed my keys because he loves the car honk when he hits the lock button. Not thinking anything of it, I took the keys, threw them on the drivers seat and shut the back door. I was merely going to open the drivers side and start the car for him while my client was writing a check. Wrong! The doors were locked! Luckily my dad was there with us and quickly found a coat hanger and started working on catching the lock on the door. It wasn't working so my client ran across the street and asked 4 guys who were installing carpet to see if they could help. After what seemed like an eternity, and Maddux finally starting to get pink-cheeked & frustrated (it was 71 degrees here today and the sun was right on the poor little guy), I decided to call 911 for help. But...right as I went to hit "send" the carpet guys and my dad managed to get the door open using a crow bar thing and long piece of metal something-or-other! Thank Goodness! I guess it all was only 8-ish minutes long but I was freaking out!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


This picture is not staged. I took my eyes off of Maddux for all of 45 seconds this morning and this is where I found him. All the stuff on the ground is what he pulled off the shelf before climbing in. :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome Baby Taz!!

Amber was scheduled to be induced Sunday- so Kasey and I (unable to afford a flight) hopped in the car with Maddux Saturday morning and drove 14 hours to show up and surprise her at her door. The surprise was totally worth the drive!!

So, Sunday we all headed to the hospital where Amber was started on Pitocin and we all waited and waited and waited. Nothing Happened! (Poor Amber!!!) Tyler explains it all best HERE. :) So we all went home, (Poor Amber!!!)

Tuesday (St. Patty's Day) the doctor decided to try again, but softening her cervix first. Low and behold, her body decided it was time to have the baby all on it's own! At about 8:00am the doctor told her that the ETA for Baby (sex unknown) was around 11:00. So Kasey, my mom and I took our time getting to the hospital, arriving at around 9:00. Just as we walked into the deliver room, Amber told the nurse she was ready to push and could feel a lot of pressure! My mom was still a few minutes behind and everything turned to panic trying to get her there ontime! So much for 11:00. Within five minutes, mom had arrive, the doctor was there and Amber was pushing. Baby Boy Taz Tyler Carlson made his beautiful arrival just a couple of minutes later! He is a doll and absolutely perfect! I am so glad I got to be there!

Here are a few pics of the road trip and my newest cute nephew!
the trip there..... :)the trip home... :(

New Cabinet

Our friend Rob taught Drew how to build a cabinet a couple weeks ago. The two of them built us this amazing new storage space upstairs! I am in LOVE with all the extra shelving I have right now!
Thanks so much Rob for all of your help!(before)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Big Kid

Maddux insisted on feeding himself tonight. He did a pretty good job considering I'm too much of a neat freak to ever let him practice! My favorite are his "mmmmm" noises after every bite. He actually managed to get most of the bowl in his mouth with minimal cottage cheese mess on the floor!