Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Talie Rae

Tyler, my awesome bro-in-law, flew Kasey and me out to visit Amber for her birthday, see the kiddos, and meet Talie!
My camera didn't make it out of my bag until the last night we were there. But just picture us eating and laying around and was amazing!
Thanks again Tye!

So, Talie is just 11 days younger than Reese and they are definitely going to be bff cousins (they don't have a choice)!
You can see here though that my tiny little Reese is a total CHUNK compared to Talie. She really is a little tiny peanut and soooo cute!ps- taking pictures with two newborns is virtually impossible!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

my bud...

This kid is a crackup and he gets me laughing every day. I'm so grateful that he has adjusted so well to "baby sisser" (who he still thinks is named Camden) being home.

We took him to watch the planes the other day, but he ended up being more interested in the rocks than anything else.
Helping mom make cookies....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I got some more pics from my here are just a few more :)
Birth Story:
I started having serious contractions on Friday morning and they were completely playing games with my head. They would start, get strong and closer together then stop. Sometimes they were 40 mins apart and sometimes they were 10. Talk about frustrating! By Sunday when nothing had happened, and I was still in on again off again pain, I decided I was going to walk myself into labor. I walked and walked and walked and then when it wasn't doing anything...I started running! I'm sure it was quite a sight, giant prego lady running around! :) Later at night they started getting closer and stronger and when I finally realized I needed to start timing them, they were down to about 5 minutes apart and VERY painful. YIKES!

Jessica dropped everything and headed over to watch Maddux and we zoomed off to the hospital. I was praying the whole way that we wouldn't get there and find out I was dilated to a 1, like when I was in labor with Maddux. Lucky for me, by the time we got there I was a 6! They got me right in at 10:00 and started the process to get my epidural ASAP. It was amazing. Everything went so smoothly and my family and Wendy came to be with us. By about 3:20am I was ready to push and at 3:55, Reese was born. The only problem that we had was when the nurse had me pushing and Reese started coming before the doctor was ready. There is NOTHING worse than feeling that "pressure" of crowning and having them say "Ok, don't push anymore! Whatever you do, don't push!". Ouch.

Everything has been amazing since then and I am one happy momma!

Happy Mother's Day! :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She's Here!

I'm in love...all over again!

Reese Maren Ingram

was born 5.3.10 at 3:55am weighing 6 pounds even and is 18 inches long.
She is so teeny and soooo cute!

This pic is on our way out the door to the hospital. Taken in between two horrendous contractions.

More pics to come, just waiting to get them from other people that were in the room who had a LOT more energy to be taking pics than I did at the time. :)