Sunday, January 16, 2011

Peeked in on Reese during naptime. I was certain she was asleep, she hadn't made a peep in 15 minutes.
silly girl

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"it ok mommy"

This morning I went in to wake Maddux up for school (at 9:05!!). He was completely incoherent when I went to lay Reese down on his bed. Then I notice, on the top of his comforter, a giant wet circle. Ew. "Uh oh, Maddux, did you have an accident??" He leaps out from under the covers and says, "it ok mommy. I got new pants" Stands up to show off the fact that he had changed his pants after peeing the bed...

As if all problems are solved by the fact he simply changed his pants and threw the nasty wet ones on the floor, then went back into a deep sleep.

If you can't tell, his waist is in a leg hole and the top of the shorts is on the right side of his hip.

Friday, January 7, 2011

8 months

I'm way behind! Little Reesie is already 8 months and not so little anymore! She is ALL over the place. She still army crawls on her tummy, but she seriously can get anywhere in a matter of seconds. AGH!

Yesterday I put Baby Einstein on for her and went to put some toy's away, I came back just seconds later to find her trying to get under the table. I put her back on the rug and left the room again...

this was about 45 seconds later...
this is a little video of her in action...

Here are a few other fun things about Reese at 8 months:

*Has two teeth on the bottom
**Will eat absolutely ANYTHING we give her
*Still adores her big brother and vice versa
**Has almost no hair, just a few whispies
*Jabbers constantly. Drew says he will never be able to get a word in with a house full of three big talkers
**A pretty big scaredy cat. She is scared of a lot of things: loud noises, Santa, some people she doesn't know, Maddux pretending to be a dinosaur, etc...
*Loves books, looking at them, flipping pages, and chewing on them
**She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth, but when it comes time to move, it's back to the tummy

Monday, January 3, 2011

11 in '11

This year, instead of making a new years resolution, which I can never manage to keep up more than a few months, I decided to make a list of goals. Something about checking stuff off a list makes it so much easier for me to do!
11 goals to accomplish sometime, anytime, in 2011.

1- Run a 10K in 45 minutes
2- Read a book to my kids every day
3- Read the Book of Mormon
4- Complete a Ragnar
5- Be on time
6- Find 15 new healthy recipes to add to my mix
7- Read the Ensigns each month
8- Complete a triathlon
9- Go to the temple once a month
10- Make more $ than I did in 2010
11- Do a RAK everyday