Sunday, March 27, 2011

Urban Dare

My sister and I talked our hubbies into competing in Urban Dare with us this weekend. They were reluctant, even 5 minutes into it! By the end, all four of us agree that it is a blast and we will SO do it again next year. Definitely a memorable experience. Think scavenger hunt on steroids.

We had a LOT of people stopping us asking what the prize is for the winners. To be honest, I'm not even sure. I didn't care. We competed Kasey and Joel vs. Drew and me. Losers buy dinner.

We started at the Tavern on Mill in Tempe with no idea what to expect. A little after 12:00, there were a few hundred of us gathered and they quickly handed a sheet of clues to each team. They were to be completed in any order. We needed to take a picture and/or get a stamp at each stop, depending on the location, then finish back at the Tavern on Mill.

1. Get your picture with: Waiting for a Date.

2. Go to celebration by Jerry Peart for your wheelbarro
w dare.

3. Get your picture with a neon sign that says: free sme

4. Get your picture with a sculpture of Charles Trumb
ull Hayden.

5. This was the official office of the Catholic Church
until Pop John Paul II abolished it in 1983. Get your picture in front of the establishment that goes by this name.

6. PHOTO HUNT - Get a picture of 2 people, not in the
race, reenacting the famous WWII photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Get a picture of 3 people doing see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. You may not use the same person more than once.

7. A historical novel written by Henry Sienkiewicz duri
ng the time when Nero was emperor. Get your picture in front of the bookstore which goes by the name of this book.

8. Go to Birchett park for your scrabblestick dare. Get
the point value for the word on your passport by using the letters with numbers in the park.

9. Get your picture with a billboard that says "Legaliz
e Marinara".

10. Go to the giant hands by Suikang Zhao for your ballo
on dare.

11. Get your picture with Devil Dancer.

Finish - Go to the Tavern on mill for the finish

5 minute bonus, Get a picture of a group of 6 people po
sed as if they were all shooting bow and arrows.

We were stumped!! Yikes! Drew and I decided to spend a lot of time at the start sitting and working out all the clues. So, we pulled out our phones and started Google-ing. We figured out the answers to most of the clues and then started plotting them out on a map. We ended up ALL over Tempe. Running, walking, sprinting, backtracking (too many times), wandering, asking clueless people, and sweating our brains out, we ended up traveling 7 miles on foot before we got to the finish. We finished in 1 hour 56 minutes and earned a free dinner by beating Kasey and Joel. LOVED it!

If you are as stumped as we were about the are the answers and pictures to go along with each.

1. A Bench on University2. A sculpture on ASU campus where we completed a wheelbarrow race and get a stamp
3. Jimmy Johns sandwich shop4. A sculpture by the Police station on 5th st.5. A bar called Devil's Advocate.
6. photos
7. A store called Quo Vadis Books.
8. Park on Apache and Mill to do a word game and get a stamp

9. Billboard on Apache for Oreganos. (Unfortunately we ran all the way TO Oreganos to get the picture before realizing on the way back that the billboard would have saved us 1/2 mile
or so)10. Sculpture along the lightrail to make a sword out of balloons and get a stamp
11. Sculpture on ASU campus.
7. 6 People shooting Bows and Arrows.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This is Maddux's Kryptonite.
He has slept with it every night since he found it in our front yard two and a half weeks ago!

Friday, March 4, 2011

My baby girl is 10 months old!

This girl is so full of personality. I just can't get enough of her and those chubby cheeks!

This month Reese:

*Has 6 teeth
*Walks along all the furniture and can stand for a few seconds on her own.
*Loves to play with (next to or on top of) Maddux
*Refuses to sleep anywhere but her OWN crib or carseat
*Squeals with excitement when she sees Daddy
*Poops way more times a day than a kid her size should (3-4?!?!)
*Nibbles on all our food
*Still has no hair!