Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Holden's Blessing

Holden was blessed on January 6, 2012. It was a great blessing by Daddy. All of our family and a couple of great friends came to be there with us.

It was so sweet, Maddux and Reese kept calling it "baby's special day".

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Holden- 2 months

This little man is SO sweet. He is already growing too fast!!

At his 2 month appointment he is:
10 lbs & 9 oz- 20%
23.5 inches long- 70%

Holden is such a sweet boy. He only cries when something is hurting, hungry or tired. And sadly, his tummy had a rough time for the last month. He has been on Zantac and it really hasn't done much good. So the doctor finally put him on Prevacid. Seems to be working much better! 

Some things about Holden this month:

**Was given a wonderful blessing by Daddy on the day he turned 2 months old. He looked SO adorable! 

**He smiles like crazy. Big wide, open mouthed smiles!

**He loves to talk. He will take after his big brother and his mom, I'm afraid.

**Holden is not a huge fan of tummy time. But Maddux and Reese LOVE watching him do it anyway!

**He likes being held outward so that he can see what's going on in the world, yet he is still snuggly. He loves to lay on Daddy's chest.

**Loves his brother and sister SO much! 


Christmas 2012

Christmas was crazy fun this year. Nana and Grandpa Craig, Deb, Brandon, and Josh, and Amber, Tyler and the kids all came! It was cousin heaven!!!

Here are my two big cuties the Sunday before Christmas. They looked SOOOO adorable!!! I asked them to look cute for me and this is what they did. Love. 

 Craig family tradition...growing up we used to drive around in the car on Christmas Eve looking at Christmas lights and singing Christmas Carols. This year, with the big group, my parents rented a big limo bus and we toured some of the coolest streets in Phoenix.

Everyone definitely had a blast...until Maddux stuck his finger on this train track just in time for it to get run over and cut open.

 On Christmas Eve, our other Craig family tradition is to put together bags for the homeless...
 Christmas Eve NIGHT was spent with the Ingrams. The kids sat through listening to the story of the nativity. But when it came time to listen to The Polar Express...they were all over the place! 


10 days after Holden was born we packed up the car (and half of our house, I think) and headed to Utah for a week and a half. Jessica and Eric got married the day after Thanksgiving, so we spent the week of Thanksgiving and a few days after up with the whole Ingram and Tattersall clan! 

Holden got to meet Grandma Tatt...
 And Grandma Ingram...
 We had told the kids all about how Utah would have tons of snow. No such luck while we were there, so we drove up the canyon until we found some. Arizona parents...the kids had light jackets, canvas shoes, and knit mittens. Fail.

Jessica and Eric's Wedding. Maddux got to walk Jessica down the isle and it was about the dang cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. Reese was a flower girl and was trying to pick up the flowers that the other sweet flower girl was dropping. 
Jessica, of course, looked beautiful!! 
     We stopped in Vegas for the night on the way home. We took the kids to the M&M factory and the Coca Cola Factory...


1 Month

With my other kids, I was really good about blogging each month about their happenings. I have to do a better job keeping up so I have a good record of Holden's first year too! So here we go!

We drove to Utah when he was 10 days old. The doctor had me come in for his 2 week appointment early since we would be gone. There was a little spot on his tummy by his belly button that I thought was a little bit of baby acne. Doctor decided to test it for MRSA but said it was probably nothing. NOT nothing. It was a staph infection     . I was freaking out since we were a 14 hour drive from home and the nurse basically terrified me about the situation. He was immediately put on antibiotics and we had to take his temp and check his body for more "blisters" during each diaper change for 10 days. He is well now and has been cleared by the docs.

I called again to ask about his spitting up and when I mentioned that he cries while nursing, the nurse said I needed to come in immediately. They checked him out again and decided it's just reflux. Poor kid is on Zantac now. At 4 weeks old, he has been on medications for 2 of those 4! Yuck!

*At 1 month, Holden is 8 pounds, 7 ounces. He is a little peanut, but he is growing!

*He is a total snuggler, he especially loves to lay on his daddy's chest.

*He loves to be held...all...the...time.

*He smiles occasionally, and I'm sure it's just the gassy baby smiles, but it's a cute smile, nonetheless.

*He is loved a LOT by everyone in this house. The kids fight over holding his hand, holding his feet, who gets to hold him first, etc. Reese is always  on top of him hugging him whether he is awake or asleep. Holden is not always a fan.

*He loves being swaddled. But if he isn't swaddled, his hands are up by his face.