Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coming Soon...(but not soon enough)....

While I am sooo not excited to look like this again.....
(39 weeks)
I am WAY excited to add another one of these to the fam...Coming May 2010!

I'm 13 weeks along and finally feeling good again!
My little bambino (sex unknown) is currently the size of a Nutter Butter cookie.

Monday, October 26, 2009


For family night tonight we went to pick out Pumpkins with Maddux. We went to a local pumpkin patch and he was ticked that he couldn't go in and play on all the rides, we were only getting pumpkins. Luckily, we ran into our friends the Startins and the Perkins there so he got distracted pretty quickly and stopped the tantrums!
I saw Maddux doing this...I laughed and pulled him out...
Turned my back again and then found him like this....
You've NEVER heard a man complain about something as much as my husband does when cleaning out a pumpkin....Our finished products...Also found out today that Maddux has a bad double ear infection AND a sinus infection. Poor kid. It's no wonder he has been so fussy lately! I don't blame him! We've now got antibiotics and will hopefully be his old self again very soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


My mom has requested some new pics. I tried to get Maddux to hold still while he was in his Halloween costume at the ward party the other night. It is basically mission: impossible these days, but this is the best I could get! I will try for a better Pirate pic on Halloween.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Evening in Excellence 2009

Wednesday we had Evening In Excellence with the YW in the ward. This is the 3rd one that I've been a part of in this ward, and I have to say, it was pretty amazing! Tristin did ALL of the decor herself and had this total vision that turned out amazing!

We did STAR Awards (Stand for Truth And Righteous). The whole night was set up like the Oscars and each girl was escorted in on a red carpet by a young man. Each girl was presented with an award and shared with everyone their 10-hour projects. Jenn Daniels spoke and had everyone teary eyed. The whole night was a big success! The girls LOVED it!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Maddux has been completely attached to his Daddy today. I can't blame him.
Tonight, Drew (while helping me make dinner) says,
"Sweetie...did you have any idea that being a parent would be so much fun? I love that little guy!"
How did I get so lucky?

Sick x 3

We all came down with some sort of nastiness this week. Flu? Cold? I have no idea...but I've never been so MISERABLE!! All three of us got hit hard and I think we are finally coming out of it! I spent yesterday and today using these three guys on every toy and every square inch of my house...
It better be gone for good!