Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Maddux had surgery this morning on an inguinal hernia. He was such a trooper and did amazing through the whole process. All he cared about was NOT getting a "pokey". Every time we would go in a new room, or a new nurse or doctor would come in, he would tense up and say, "I can't need a pokey!" The kid HATES shots.

He was at Cardon Children's Hospital and they were so great with him. He got to wear a mask to put him to sleep and they let him sniff all the scents and pick his favorite to paint on the inside of the mask. He also got to decorate his mask with stickers, then choose how he wanted to get to the operating room. He chose a car. They had a binder with pictures for him to look at of everything he would see while at the hospital (check in room, admitting office, nurses, the operating room with the table and lights). They did awesome at making him feel comfortable (and us too).

He went in like a champ and the nurses said he was talking up a storm while the silly gas was pumping. Once he was asleep, they gave him an IV and the whole surgery took about an hour.

When he came to, he did a LOT better than he did with his ear tubes. He was a little sad for a few minutes and he was numb from the waist down and wasn't a fan of not being able to walk for a few hours. Other than that, he did great.

waiting room...
pre-surgery...ready to head to the operating room...
(he chose the yellow hat with kittens rather than the white hat with sports balls) ;)post surgery...At home with balloons from his bff Paisley...

Friday, February 18, 2011


3.5 hours at the park requires a nice long bath for both kiddos. Lucky for all of us, my kids LOVE the bath...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1 of a Zillion Reasons I LOVE my son...

Monday morning Maddux and I had a "cleaning/dance party" together. I blasted some awesome dance music and we danced and picked up toys for about 15 minutes. It was a total hit and we actually got a lot done together!About 10 hours later, it was bedtime and I insisted that Maddux clean up his play area before bed. We went in to pick up and at a closer look, I noticed his "mess" (above) was actually this...

A pile of Lions and a pile of Tigers...
Bugs...Not just dinosaurs, but all of his Brachiosaurases...

Anyway, there were like 10 different piles of animals. He had been sorting for an hour or two. I was pretty impressed!

I let him keep his hard work out and they are still strewn all over the floor in my entry. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

9 Months

Today my baby is 9 months. Before I know it, she isn't going to be a baby anymore! Depressing.
Her stats are:
Weight- 17 lbs, 11oz - 25%
Height- 28.75 inches - 85%
Head - 17.5 inches - 73%
We have been calling her our Chunky Monkey for months, but I think we need to come up with a new nickname. I had no idea she was such a peanut!

This month she:
*Crawls like a big girl
*Has 5 teeth
*Stands (holding something) for prolonged periods of time (usually until Maddux knocks her over)
*Says "dadada", "mamama", and "bababa"
*Eats any baby food, rice, formula, AND anything and everything we eat
*STILL has no hair
*Loves Daddy a LOT
*Looks more and more like Maddux everyday

LOVE this girl!