Thursday, February 3, 2011

9 Months

Today my baby is 9 months. Before I know it, she isn't going to be a baby anymore! Depressing.
Her stats are:
Weight- 17 lbs, 11oz - 25%
Height- 28.75 inches - 85%
Head - 17.5 inches - 73%
We have been calling her our Chunky Monkey for months, but I think we need to come up with a new nickname. I had no idea she was such a peanut!

This month she:
*Crawls like a big girl
*Has 5 teeth
*Stands (holding something) for prolonged periods of time (usually until Maddux knocks her over)
*Says "dadada", "mamama", and "bababa"
*Eats any baby food, rice, formula, AND anything and everything we eat
*STILL has no hair
*Loves Daddy a LOT
*Looks more and more like Maddux everyday

LOVE this girl!


Little Beachs said...

Xelly has that same toy and loves it!!
She is so adorable!
She is a little peanut but oh so cute I just love her eyes!

megan said...

She is so cute and is looking so much like Maddux! 9 months has flown by. Let's get together soon, it's been too long!

Stephanie said...

that is the cutest picture!!! You know that I love her!