Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Maddux!

Maddux is one today! His party isn't until Saturday, but we had a really great day together. We started off by having lunch at Taco Bell. Then Maddux got a haircut at Snip-Its. While we have a very hard time paying so much for a hair cut, they do such a great job keeping him happy and occupied and gave him a great cut! Then we headed to the mall to get him some new pants with the money his great Grandma and Grandpa Ingram sent him! He played for a bit in the kids area and had a blast pretending to be one of the big kids! For dinner we met Grandma, Bop Bop, Kasey, Joel, Great Grandma and Grandpa Craig for Dinner at Red Robin.
This past month has been a busy one for the little guy! He has said goodbye to crawling and walks everywhere he goes now! We have also wished a happy farewell to formula! He is only drinking whole milk! We celebrated his first Christmas, and we just discovered today that he now has two molars, making 10 teeth in all. His vocabulary has grown too...he now says, dada, bopbop (my dad's name from the grandkids), hot, hat, and balloon (in his own variation). He is completely and utterly obsessed with balloons and it is the first thing he asks for when he wakes up in the morning. He can spot one from a mile away and then holds onto it for dear life! He is growing up so fast right in front of our eyes! I can't believe it! He still cracks us up and keeps us on our toes 24/7 and we love him to pieces!
Happy Birthday Pork Chop!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

His REAL first Christmas...

Maddux's first Christmas was supposed to be last year. We had plenty of "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments all ready to go. Presents under the tree for the little guy, but I guess he just wasn't ready to come yet! So...this year, we had a ball (and i decided that it was probably a TON more fun having an almost-1-year-old instead of a baby a few days old) Christmas was SO much fun with our little guy!

Drew's family was out of town so we will be celebrating with them this next week, but here is part 1...

Maddux got a Red Flyer Wagon from Santa. He also got some blocks, trucks, cars, and balls (all his faves).
My mom has always given us PJs on Christmas Eve, but this year I bought our "PJs" for my little family and my mom got us all super cozy slippers. Drew requested a comfy pair of lounging pants rather than actual PJs, so I found matching Adidas pants for the three of us. It was a fun change!
Maddux liked playing the the bows, wrapping paper, and boxes more than he enjoyed most of his presents, but mommy and daddy were sure excited for some of the awesome stuff he got!
And why would Maddux want to play with any of his brand new toys when he can climb into the ottoman and play with old toys!? Our family gift from my mom and dad this year....(WOOHOO!!!)...

Monday, December 15, 2008


Maddux got to see Santa Clause tonight. The baby that was in line in front of us FREAKED OUT and Maddux was watching him very closely wondering what was so scary. So we set him on Santa's lap and he sat there and stared at him for the longest time. We were all clapping and waving to get his attention to look at the camera. Mostly he was just interested in staring at Santa. This look says it all, "Mom, Dad...who is this guy and why does he look so funny?". It was awesome!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sweater Palooza...

Nate and Becca hosted a Christmas Party called Sweater Palooza on Friday night. It was a lot of fun to sit around, eat, chat with friends, and play some games without worrying about all the kiddos. Everyone wore their ugliest Christmas Sweaters and it was pretty entertaining. We had to kick Steph and Steve out because Stephanie was having contractions 3 minutes apart and STILL didn't want to go! They made a pit-stop at home then headed to the hospital to welcome Scarlett Noelle Cook! Congrats guys!!
Thanks Nate and Becca for a great night!My ugly sweater, in all it's glory....

'Tis the Season...

We've done a LOT of Christmas activities this year. We are a little overexcited to celebrate Maddux's first Christmas. So we are doin' it all!

First we did Zoo Lights. We went last year and swore we would never go back, but it was a completely different experience with this little guy. He loved looking at all the bright lights, but even more than that...he loved TOUCHING them! Then we went to the Temple lights but didnt' get many pictures because it was packed! Then we had the ward Christmas party...but I didn't get a single decent picture. Maddux spent most of the time walking and crawling around with a green balloon tied to his wrist. He was easy to find in the mob of kids that were running around.

We are going to see Santa tomorrow so I'm super excited to see how that goes! Wish us luck!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Maddux took his first steps all on his own this last Thursday. But tonight was the first time he would do it with the camera rolling. It was hilarious! He looks so unsure of himself...but so cute! It cracks me up how half way through, he decides that crawling is faster and he totally gives up!
( Sorry about the super shaky camera work. I was trying to hold the camera in one hand and hold out my other for him to walk to.)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Family pics gone awry!

So, we had our Christmas card pics taken the other day. Maddux wasn't a fan. :) This happened about 4 minutes into the shoot and it was downhill from there. Luckily the first 4 minutes were a success (thanks brandis)!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fun with Cousins...

Maddux thoroughly enjoyed having Brooklyn and Boston here this past week. We snapped some pics on the temple grounds and Maddux was showing off his walking skills. He crashes and burns as soon as you let go, but he is a speedy little guy when he has some help. Brookie and Bossy were so good with him and walked around until all three of them were spent!
Bop Bop helped Maddux ride around on a razor scooter. He was in heaven and didn't want to get off! We went to my parent's ward where my mom works in the nursery, so we got to sneak Maddux in and I think he had a lot more fun than when we force him to sit on our lap for three hours. Imagine that!