Sunday, December 14, 2008

'Tis the Season...

We've done a LOT of Christmas activities this year. We are a little overexcited to celebrate Maddux's first Christmas. So we are doin' it all!

First we did Zoo Lights. We went last year and swore we would never go back, but it was a completely different experience with this little guy. He loved looking at all the bright lights, but even more than that...he loved TOUCHING them! Then we went to the Temple lights but didnt' get many pictures because it was packed! Then we had the ward Christmas party...but I didn't get a single decent picture. Maddux spent most of the time walking and crawling around with a green balloon tied to his wrist. He was easy to find in the mob of kids that were running around.

We are going to see Santa tomorrow so I'm super excited to see how that goes! Wish us luck!

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