Monday, April 9, 2012


Yep. I'm 30!
To be honest, I really don't care. I think I may have a serious midlife crisis at 40 because for some reason I could really care less about turning 30...other than the fact that I think maybe I should start to act my age sometimes. :)

So my amazing family threw me a fantastic surprise party! Amber did most of the secretive work all the way from Denver. It was an absolutely crazy week and I can't believe that with everything that was going on, they managed to pull off such a DANG cute party! Check out these pics! Nobody remembered to take any, so thank you to Hillary for coming through and sending me a few she snapped.

They had all of my favorite treats: Ben and Jerrys, apple pie caramel apples, red velvet cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, cake pops, chocolate covered popcorn, Reese's Peanut butter cookies... Oh, it was heavenly!

Looking back, there are probably a lot of things I COULD have picked up on but didn't, to give the surprise away. I honestly didn't figure it out until Drew and I went to go in the front door and he told me to go in first. Hence, my very hesitant face coming through the door with everyone staring at me (Reese looks about as terrified as I felt).
Probably the best part of my surprise was Amber flying in from Denver. LOVE.

I wish I had more pictures of all my family that was there. Amber and Talie, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Debbie and Brandon, Mom and Dad, Wendy Jess & was so great to have you all there. I feel so loved and so spoiled. Love you all!