Thursday, March 25, 2010


Maddux and Drew decided this week that they wanted to build a birdhouse together. We went to Michaels and picked out a cute little birdhouse kit. The result was my two year old saying his first swear word (mimicking his daddy while trying to nail the cheap wood together) and throwing the kit in the trash.
We went back to the store to buy a pre-assembled birdhouse and Maddux got to pick out any 3 paints he wanted. He had SO much fun painting it and we had so much fun watching!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rocky Point

We had an awesome time with the Startins in Rocky Point this weekend. The weather wasn't exactly cooperative, but it really didn't matter. We relaxed, ate, played games, shopped, swam, played put-put, and the little ones played NONstop.
It couldn't have been any more perfect. I can't even try to pick a favorite event or time and choosing pictures was even here is a little of everything we did!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Buddy

Here is a confession: Maddux was rough on me between 19 months and 24 months. It was a hard time. Not sure if it was because of my pregnancy and hormones, or because he was seriously as naughty as I remember him being. I cried a lot during those months.
Not fun.

The past two months have been awesome! When I say awesome, I don't necessarily mean that everything is perfect. He still slapped me in the face in front of an old friend at the grocery store, he still plays for hours in his room before falling asleep at naptime, still rips toys out of his friends' hands, still isn't perfect-or close to it, but what kid is, right?

I've just realized lately that I really feel like he has become my little buddy. We are friends. We play and have so much fun during the day. We went to Target and Rubios together yesterday for lunch and had a blast. He makes me laugh, I make him laugh, we dance together in the car (picture above), play dinosaurs and fix things with his tools, and sometimes (only sometimes) I almost want to skip naptime so we can play more.

When daddy comes home it's a whole different story..."Momma get out!" or "No...No-Daddy read book, no momma!" I guess Daddy is allowed to be his buddy too. :)

But for those 9 hours that we are home together each day, I couldn't be more lucky to be a stay at home mom with my buddy!!