Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fantasy Sports ?!?!

Here's what happens when you marry a guy who is in LOVE with sports. You get to spend an occasional Saturday night sitting around watching him and his friends "draft" their fantasy football, or baseball, OR basketball teams! Wow, what an eventful night. Here they are with a little room all set up with four computers, player stats, notes on who are the best picks, and of

I'm not really sure that I will ever totally understand this whole thing, but I sure did get a good chuckle out of it when I walked in to see them like this. Us wives couldn't even get them to come downstairs to get their own pizza! WOW!!

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ambercarlson said...

Wow..I know exactally what you are talking about..Tyler is in a League with all the Budge boys from Freshman year and they were doing all this last! A world I never knew existed! Ambs