Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Already keeping me on my toes!

I am a total nervous nelly about EVERYTHING, so today was a little much for me and my nerves! I went on a walk yesterday and to say the least...I may have overdone it a bit. I had a little spotting and because I had also been sick at the end of last week, my doctor told me to absolutely NOT go into work today. She set up all sorts of tests and today turned into a day of poking and prodding!

So far everything has come back GREAT! It has been a huge relief so far. Maddux is still kicking around in there like crazy and I'm more certain than ever that I am going to have a VERY active child!

I am waiting for the other test results for tomorrow that can predict if I could go into pre-term labor. They are fairly certain that everything is totally normal at this point...but until I hear the official results tomorrow, my nerves will continue to get the best of me! :)

The best part is that I got an ultrasound today that I wasn't planning on. It was so awesome to get to see him in there moving around. Maddux kept sticking his tongue out and he totally has Drew's lips, which I am SO thrilled about!

Notice in the third picture how he is totally pouting! It was so cute!! He didn't like that the nurse kept pushing on my tummy. He was trying to get some rest in there!!!

3 more months and counting!!!!

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Matt and Jayna said...

I love that first picture! Very cute! You can definitely tell he is pouting in the last one! Maddux seems happy as can be...