Monday, November 12, 2007


Alright alright already...I got tagged and ignored it, then again, and again! I think if I don't actually do this, it may never end! goes nothing...I'm tagged!

Here are 6 things you may or may not already know about me (and sadly, I'm not all that exciting!)

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook! The best thing about cooking is doing it without a recipe. I love to create things all on my own, or take a picture of something that I see and change it up a bit to fit my taste and make my own recipe. The biggest problem with this is when I really hit the jackpot and make something amazing, because I can hardly ever duplicate it! I really need to figure out a better system! I'm still wracking my brain trying to think of a career where I could sit in a kitchen and invent recipes and meals for people and somehow get paid for it. Any ideas??

2. I am horrified of car rides. I have learned how to hide it well, but even to drive around the corner, my palms sweat and I have to distract myself from the millions of things that can happen in a 5 minute car ride (my mind is my worst enemy!) My sister and I are very similar in the way that she has the same reaction to airplane rides that I do to car rides. What is wrong with us!?!?Road trips are an honest disaster with me! Drew has learned to be ever so patient and to drive only in certain lanes on certain freeways so I don't freak!

3. I dance and sing every time I drive. This may be one of the ways I distract myself in the car and keep things light. Have you ever seen the show where they put the video camera in someone's rental car and record them dancing and singing? Well, I would be MORTIFIED because I have the world's worst singing voice, but still belt it out to any and every song. Drew is often humiliated by my car-dance moves, but let's be honest I crack myself up and have a great time!

4. I call into the radio station to win absolutely anything! Has it ever paid off? No! I usually hear, "I'm sorry, you are caller number 8". But it's a fun hobby, right? (humor me!) I'm determined that someday I will get through to 104.7 and play "Remember the Time", but I haven't gotten through yet! Someday I will win something amazing, I'm sure of it! :)

5. I'm super intrigued by crime. The only books I read are non-fiction crime novels and my favorite shows are Forensic Files, Dateline, and documentary shows that look into the lives of serial killers. Morbid and weird, I know...but I am so interested in all that stuff.

6. I love to teach. I have to add this one because anyone who knows me right now probably doesn't believe me! I complain about it right now more than I talk about how much I love it. BUT...pregnancy hormones can do that to a girl! I really do like to teach and this has just been a really tough year in my class, but I just want to make it clear that I do, in to teach! Watching kids faces when they finally get something or hearing someone tell me that they love my class, or that math is their new favorite subject when they used to hate it. Wow, makes the job so worth while!

I tag...Stephanie, Brynn, Aubry, Katie, and Kelly!


Cody - Aubry - Gage said...

I loved your whole "tagged"

Oh, I'm so scared. So I could pretty much copy and paste yours - we are way too much alike, except driving is no big thing for me. I'm pretty tough like that. Sooo, I'll try to get my act together and come up with something in the near future.

The Huish House said...

Ok first I forgot to comment on several posts.
1. You and Drew are so cute. I love the wedding pictures. I am pretty sure I could break your toothpicks arms though.
2. I loved you 6 facts about yourself. I think I laughed at every single one.
3. We should ask Brynn to teach us how to play the piano! Haha!


It was so fun to read yours! Your friends comment made me laugh about being able to break your toothpick arms! I thought they looked so tiny also! It took me a long time to finally do mine!