Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hot Dogs?

You would think that my recent complaints about being "Fatty McGee" would at least cause me to rethink my eating habits...well it has! I recently indulged in TWO yes...TWO hot dogs at the Circle K Grand Opening out here in Gilbert. I need to add that I have refused to eat a single hot dog for the past 15 years or so of my life. The thought of them absolutely disgusts me, but when you are 9 months prego and someone offers an entire free meal (2 hot dogs, cheetos, orange soda, and a king size snickers ice cream bar) just for visiting a grand opening, it's just too much to resist! So, here I am...I'm sure you can hear me getting larger! I obviously enjoyed it way too much!


The Huish House said...

I love hot dogs and I am glad you are finally enjoying their heavenly taste!

the holbrooks said...

Yay merry christmas to the ingrams and chester cheeto

Brandis said...

okay, so I'm sad that I missed the free hot dogs, cheetos, ice cream snickers, etc. Where the heck was I when that was going on?!? :) At least you have the excuse of being pregnant, I probably would have eaten all that anyway. :)