Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cutest Baby...???

Ok, I am fully aware of the fact that I am a big nerd...but to confirm that even more...I have entered Maddux into the "Baby Idol 2008" for Mix 96.9.'s a baby photo contest. So...he needs as many votes DAILY as possible. If we win (which means we need a LOT LOT LOT of votes EVERY day) I get to finally landscape our backyard. So, if you would please...tell everyone you cute little Maddux out here. :) I am going to post the link on the sidebar so you can go to it as often as you want to vote. He is contestant #285 and you have to scroll through all the babies in gallery #8 to get to his voting page. By the way...they spelled his name wrong. :) Thank you to all our Maddux fans out there!


Julie Jan said...

Ok- am I seriously the only one that can't figure out how to vote for him?? I found his picture (which is adorable) but don't know how to actually vote for him.

Tiffany Garfield said...

Same here! I found his picture but couldn't vote. Let me know. I hope you win!!!

Brandis said...

Don't feel too bad that they spelled his name wrong, they also spelled the word gallery wrong.