Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 months!

Maddux is 10 months today! He is growing so fast and does so many fun tricks! (Peek-a-boo, "if you're happy and you know it....", gives kisses, high fives) I will add more pics and stuff later. We are having another rough day (see yesterdays post), but we have at least figured out the cause- a double ear infection. NOT FUN!! But, since we were at the doctor, I do know he is now
19 pounds 14 ounces. This is for sure one of my favorite ages. I love that he can play and interact with us. We have so much fun! He's a great little buddy!


Marisa and Rob Rasmussen said...

Happy 10 Months to Maddux!!! Just wait it gets better, when they are walking and trying to say things and copy you!!! Amirra has been so funny lately, it's so funny to see how much they catch on to things!!! :)

Ryan & Keri said...

How exciting that he's 10 months and boo to ear infections. David has a double right now too--we're on day 8 almost of antibiotics--YUCK!!! The sad thing is that he actually has tubes and he's had extra surgery on his little ears, but they still get super infected. Hang in there, Maddux--we feel your pain! And I love your pumpkins and star. I'm so impressed!!! Amber is super creative.