Saturday, October 18, 2008


Brynn, Becca, Jamie and I ran a 10K this morning at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler. Although the course was a little lame, the sun was blaring down on us, and the shirts were less than exciting, I think we can all agree that we had fun! I ran 55:34 (according to my watch, not their dumb timing-since it took a while to get to the starting line). My training goal right now is to get my mile times down to 8:30-9 minutes miles, which is FAR from what I was doing training for the marathon. I know that doesn't sound so fast, but you have to understand that I am NOT a fast person!!! Here is the only picture I have of the four of us...but Brynn has more coming, so I'll add to the post later! :)

I am proud of all of us, I think we all did great! Good job girls!!!


Brandis said...

AHHHHH I wish I could have run that with you girls!!! Next time for sure! Good job on the 55, that's pretty darn good, especially for 2 weeks after a marathon!

Julie said...

I am proud of you girls!! I wish I could be you guys! Maybe next year??

the holbrooks said...

Talk about being the BOMB.COM, I am proud of you!!!