Sunday, November 9, 2008

Opinions please!?!?

Yesterday I went to a craft boutique put on by one of my friends. There were over 40 vendors with super creative ideas. One of which was this....

I think it is the greatest idea for my squirmy little 10 month old! (anyone see us in sacrament meeting today???!) I'm thinking...CHURCH! I could{hopefully} get Maddux to hold still and play with toys, eat a snack, etc during sacrament meeting. But, will this work on the metal chairs with the big hole in the back (since we can't manage to get there early enough to sit anywhere else)? We tried it out at the boutique and he just sat and played with a toy, no complaints or trying to wiggle out (shocking)!
So, here is where i need your opinion!!

I'm a little hesitant about being the only mom who has to TIE her kid down during church. Does this look torturous? Would I be given bizarre looks? Please give me your opinion and be honest. I know...I know..."who cares what people think?" right? I do! When it comes to something like this, I do and I'll admit it. So tell me what you think!

These things sell for $50 at the stores, but the gal who created these was selling them for $35 yesterday and will give me the same deal if I email her and pick it up at her house soon.
Worth it? Good Idea? Child torture?

(ps- I like the green stripe pattern)


Heather & Jon said...

my opionion!... I think you would get people staring at it.. just because they've never seen it before. I think its cute and a good idea!

Brandis said...

Could I do that to my 3 and 5 year olds??? Especially today. I really wish I had those right now. Want some kids?? :)

Fife Family said...

my first thought is that if a kid really wants freedom, he will not want to be restrained like that.
i think it's a fantastic idea and the theory behind it is great, I just don't know if it would actually work...