Monday, July 13, 2009

18 months...

My little guy is 18 months already! Time is flying and he is getting so big! Today was his 18 month appointment (2 weeks late) and he did NOT love the shots. Poor kiddo!

33 inches (75th percentile)
23 pounds (20th percentile)

Favorite Foods:
Cottage Cheese
Quesadillas (with cheese)
Grilled Cheese
PBJ sandwiches
Macaroni and Cheese
and... cheese (he is a LOT like his daddy)

Favorite Toys:
Trucks and Cars

He talks nonstop. But he only says one syllable of each word...
"tray"= train
"ca"= car
"ish"= fish
"blo"= block
"mo"= more
lots more...but those are his faves.
He has his own language, but luckily we are starting to catch on!

He is super social these days and loves to be around and play with other kids. He waves hi to everyone wherever we go (especially to elderly people!) He is loving nursery and so are we!
He loves to figure out how things work and how things fit together. He likes to put things "ba" (back) and he hates having a dirty face or hands. He's got quite a personality and cracks me up on a daily basis.

He goes pee in his potty every time we take him and he loves it and the Skittle he gets after. No idea when or how to start with poops though. (eek!)

He is still into EVERYTHING and I have to keep my eyes on him at all times. He has been stuck in places I never thought he could fit, gotten more bruises than I've ever known possible, and made messes like I've never seen.
But boy do I LOVE this kid!


Marisa and Rob Rasmussen said...

Hooray for potty training and Happy 18 months!!! :) Poop was hard for Amirra, and I did NOT like it!!!! Yuck, but it does get better :) I love how he likes cheese!!!

JENNA said...

Already going pee in the potty...what?? You are so lucky, and Braxton hates nursery. He the kid that screams so bad and then the teacher has to hold him the entire time for 2 hours. We need to have a play date soon!!

aubry startin said...

Ummm, loved it. Thanks for sharing. That last pic in the tub is a classic. That expression just kills me :)

Brandis said...

He totally looks like a big kid in those pics. Hooray for 18 mos & nursery!

theniufamily said...

What a sweet update. I can't believe how much he has changed since I left.

Beth Curtis said...

he is so stinkin cute! I can't believe how time flies. I am not surprised that he is a tall skinny little guy.

Matt and Jayna said...

I cannot believe he goes pee every time you put him on the potty! That's so amazing for a boy, because I know 4 year old boy's that still have a hard time! That's great!

Megan said...

Grey misses him! I can't believe how much bigger he looks. We miss you guys and can't wait until be get back so we can play!

Lauren said...

He is so good about putting things back you have trained him well. He is so cute. How is he 18 months already????

Katy, Bill and Easton said...

I would love to get together for dinner... I will be even more available in September! (: I totally blog stalk you and check out your cute boy! I can't wait to see you guys!

the holbrooks said...

he is a handsome little dude..hud just had some shots and he thinks that the dr broke his leg becuase he has to gimp around