Sunday, November 15, 2009

Boring Blog

I feel like I've become that person with the boring blog. I have NOTHING fun to write about. Lame.

Drew had hand surgery on Monday and it's been a little different around here this week. He can't get his hand wet which eliminates a lot more chores/maddux baths than I realized. He has limited mobility in his hand and fingers and needs to take it easy for a while. He has been a total trooper and has done really well so far! We are looking forward to his follow up appointment this Wednesday to make sure everything still looks good!

Maddux STILL has a double ear infection and now has an appointment with the ENT on the 24th to look into getting tubes for the poor little guy.

After 2.5 years (in this ward) and 2 years (in my last ward) I was finally released as the YW secretary today. It's going to be crazy having an extra night of the week to spend at home and I'm not even sure what you DO in Relief Society anymore.

Baby appears to be growing well as my tummy is way larger than I think it should be at 15.5 weeks. Already into maternity clothes, which doesn't quite seem fair. That's a LOT of weeks left to wear not-so-cute clothes! Wish me luck!

Hopefully I'll get some motivation to revamp the blog here soon. For is a pic of Drew and his "ow ow ow", as Maddux calls it. :)


Brandis said...

Okay, you really are a saint for bringing us dinner last night when you have a sick boy and an injured Drew to take care of. You are the best!

Amber said...

Sounds like you have plenty to blog about! If you are worried about the ear tubes, just know that it has been our best investment. I felt like Eli never really felt good until he had them. He's like a completely different kid! I wish we had done it a year ago. You may as well get it done before the new year starts new insurance deductibles! I was just thinking maybe we should get Eli's tonsils out. It would probably be free this year! The poor kid sounds like Darth Vader . . . and that's when he's awake lol!

aubry startin said...

not boring, i love your updates. let's plan a baby gender party SOON.

The DeVries said...

dont worry. I am definetely the person with the boring blog. I decided I was not updating my blog until we closed on a house. So once our house officially funds MAYBE i'll post. But our life is still boring!!

tiffany garfield said...

Oh man! Hang in there! Seriously you have a lot going on. I hope you're not feeling sick on top of all that? At least you blog even when you don't feel that you have much to blog about...which you do. I just stop all together and then get too far behind to ever catch up. hahaha You know it's true :) Hope Drews hand gets better soon!