Friday, December 18, 2009

Ears and Santa

Last Friday Maddux got tubes in his ears. We finally decided it was time to take serious action when he got his 6th ear infection of 2009. Poor kid! His speech is suffering because, as the doctor put it, "everything sounds like he is under water". It was confirmed when he went in for surgery and the doc said he had a lot of liquid under his eardrums that could not drain on it's own.

My favorite part of his little surgery was when the doctor came to get him from the pre-op room. He had his blankie dragging on the floor in his right hand and was holding the doctor's hand with his left. He walked away and turned around to look at Drew with a look that said, "You sure this is ok Dad?" The doc said he crawled right up on the table with his hands to his sides and was a total champ. Coming out of the procedure was a little more chaotic, he was confused and disoriented for a while and it broke my heart. All is well now and he has been a much happier kid this past week. It was definitely the right choice and I'm glad we did it!
This might be my favorite Santa picture of all time! I am SOOOO in love with this boy!


Beth Curtis said...

poor little guy. I am glad that he is feeling better. It was good seeing you today!

Brandis said...

Awww :) I'm glad he got the tubes done so he can feel good!

Stephanie said...

i think that is my favorite santa picture of all time too! it is so adorable!

The Damron Doc said...

Oh poor little man! I am glad all went well! He is getting so big! He is so stinkin cute...impressive that he just smiled at the camera!