Friday, January 22, 2010


Maddux has been in the best and silliest mood this whole week. I really should have done a better job of documenting it, but instead all I have are some lousy phone pics.

His personality has turned down-right FUNNY these past few days and I haven't stopped laughing. (Ok, that's a when he threw everything in sight on the ground at Paradise Bakery, I wasn't really laughing).

This one is when we were in the car and Drew and I are up front having a conversation. We turned around to see Maddux had found his sun glasses, put them on and then gave an "I'm-too-cool-to smile" look for the next 5 minutes. Last night he got the fridge open, and took every fruit and vegetable out of the drawers and set them in a pile on the floor telling us what each one is called. We took him to Toys R Us and he went running through the store saying "big car! big car!" we followed him (running) to the back of the store where he found this! I can't believe he remembered it from our last trip.
I have so many stories from this week, but the another one I really want to remember was just this morning when I went in to get him out of bed.
He told me to lay down. He gave me his blankie and his favorite book, tucked me in and started to leave saying, "Ny Night" in his whisper voice. Then he turned around and said "no no...pray time" and kneeled next to his bed and said "Fodder..." then told me to get up and I helped him say a prayer. Then it was the same routine again before he locked me in his room for a while.
(We have the door knob turned around so we can lock him in at night)


Rich, Brit, Nugs, and CK said...

don't you love how funny these little kids get? it is so awesome!

Brandis said...

That is stinking adorable. I love the first pic & the story. I don't care what anybody says, 2 year olds are awesome. Maybe it's because they can be such a challenge that we appreciate the cute moments more. :)

theniufamily said...

These little stories are so cute. I especially love the one where he tucked you in for bed!

The Craigs said...

I love all the fun stories. Keep them coming!

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tiffany garfield said...

haha I love the pic of him in his pjs in front of all the fruits and veggies. He is SO proud of himself. I'm so glad you caught it on camera!

AMIT said...

Great so cute little boy is there.

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