Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Birthday to YOOOOU!!!"

Yesterday was a great birthday. I had a ton of fun and got spoiled by my friends and family. Thank you everyone!

The absolute highlight of my day was after we put Maddux to sleep. He had been upstairs and quiet for about 45 minutes and we can hear this.....

He was "singing" for about 3-5 minutes but I couldn't find the camera fast enough. I only caught the tail end and I think he heard us giggling outside his door and stopped.

The first part of the song was, "birthday to you!!! momma!! yay!! birthday to yooooouuuu! birthday momma yooouu!!!"
(the video is completely dark...nothing to see...just make sure you're sound is on)


Marisa and Rob said...

Love it!!! That is too cute!!! :o)

tiffany garfield said...

haha that's funny! so glad you caught it. Seriously, really cute!