Friday, June 18, 2010

Swim lessons

Maddux started swim lessons this week. We have done the mom n tot classes the past two years, but we are trying a new lady , Miss Pam and she is great! It amazes me what he can do after just a week! Today was the first day that he didn't get sad at all and he talked poor Miss Pam's ear off!

I will probably post more pics and videos after next week when he is even better at swimming to the ledge by himself. That's my favorite part!!

I love how on this first video, Maddux says "Thank you!!" right as she is pushing him down under the water the second time.


Mike and Alecia said...

WOW totally impressed!! This is is getting me excited and hopeful for swim lesson. Oh and what a polite son you have raised:)

theniufamily said...

Go Maddux! So cute.