Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Girls Trip

Drew couldn't make it to the marathon (see below for highlights), so Becca, Steph, and I decided to make it a girl's trip instead! We had a ton of fun together.

My car started making a horrendous noise while we were over the Hoover Dam, we made it to pick up my packet with only 25 minutes to spare, got lost in St. George trying to find Olive Garden, got lost in St. George trying to find our hotel, got the car to Big O just before the alternator went out ($535 fix), got stranded after the race because we had to check out of the hotel but the car wasn't done, went to lunch at Cafe Rio with all our luggage in tow, almost ran out of gas on the way to vegas, shopped, ate, shopped, and ate some more, almost ran out of gas on the way home, went the wrong direction for 30 miles, got to the Hoover Dam and then decided to turn around and take a detour when we saw the traffic, enjoyed some 5 hour energy, and laughed non-stop for about 3 days. ADVENTURE would be the perfect word to describe it.

walking in st. george while temporarily stranded
dinner at RASteph modeling one of the beds in Vegas
The Hash- House -a-Go-Go...big menu = even bigger portions
yum yum yum


theniufamily said...

OK I loved loved loved both of these posts. Way to go on the marathon. You look like such a pro out there. I think your time was great, but of corse your goona want to do another. Your so funny! I am sad I didn't get to go. That looked like it was such a fun, and confusing girls trip!!!

Stephanie said...

All I can think about is that my butt is way bigger than I thought...time to hit the gym ;)

Brandis said...

So fun! That almost makes me want to run it next time with you. :)

Theurer Family said...

I am officially in favor of making it mandatory that we take an annual girl's trip! So much fun!