Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

4th of July is my all-time favorite holiday.

Since moving to Arizona 9 years ago, the heat has put a damper on the holiday for me. This year I decided I was going to change that. I was planning for weeks, maybe months in advance to camp in Heber to get out of the heat for the weekend. The plans failed. Plan B - drive to Heber for the day, watch the Saturday fireworks show and hang out in the cool weather. Fireworks were canceled and I failed again. Plan C, watch fireworks from Drew's office building that overlooks Tempe Town Lake. Good enough, right?

I woke up in the morning Monday morning feeling absolutely terrible. Drove straight to the Urgent Care and found out I had Strep. UGH!!! Plan C, cancelled? No way! By evening Drew also had a sore throat, but he is a trooper and went along with our original (plan C) plans. We drove to Tempe and made every effort to avoid direct contact with any other people.

It was awesome. We parked for free in the $10 parking garage, walked to a sub shop to eat, back to Drew's office with AC, 25 cent sodas and waters (outside was selling for WAY more), free arcade games to keep the kiddos occupied until the show started, and only one other couple on the whole floor with us. (Oh how I LOVE LifeLock) We could even hear all the patriotic music that was playing along with the fireworks show!

Definitely the way to watch the fireworks! We will hopefully do it again next year and be feeling a little better!

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