Friday, December 30, 2011


My favorite part of Christmas is the whole month that leads up to it. The carols, shopping, activities with the kids, Santa, I love it all! Here are a few pics of things we did with the fam this year.

Neighborhood Snow Party
As you can see, us Arizonans aren't equipped for playing in the snow. Bad mom! My kids were freezing, so we didn't last too long, but they loved it!

Gingerbread Houses
We had a little contest between Kasey & Joel, Mom & Dad, Drew & me (& Maddux). Kasey and Joel won, but they were the ONLY ones who didn't have Maddux "helping" them. Can't wait to see their house next year when Vander is helping. ;)
Pre-Christmas with the Ingram Girls
Wendy, Jess, and Sam went to Utah for the week of Christmas, so we celebrated early with them. We played the family Christmas games (I won again...woohoo), ate yummy dinner, and opened presents. Fun night!

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