Monday, May 7, 2012

MBA Grad

 This picture pretty much explains how our kids felt after the 90 minute ceremony :)
Above is the video of Drew's name being called and him walking across the stage. I may have been a little teary eyed. ;) 

Drew has worked his BUTT off the last 18 months. And that is NO exaggeration. Straight A's...and the very few A minuses he received would put him into severe frustration! My hubby is a HARD WORKER and I could not be more proud! He has sacrificed a LOT in the past 18 months. I complained a lot, but I really know that it was harder on him to be gone so much than it was on me. He never gave up and he never gave half effort to anything. 

He graduated on Friday May 4th with his Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. 

We are oh so thrilled to have him back! 
Congrats honey!!!


Lauren said...

This totally brings back memories. I'm so happy for you and happy the hell is coming to an end. I told you it would fly by ;) Way to go on all A's very impressive!

Mark and Mel said...

You guys made it through! Congrats to Drew! :)