Thursday, November 1, 2007

The dreaded day after...

I was SOOOOOO dreading the day after Halloween! Being stuck inside my classroom with 130 11 and 12 year olds all day long just didn't sound appealing to a very pregnant Tarah! But...someone really used their brain today! I have no idea how or who...but someone managed to book a BMX assembly for us. We got to go outside and watch these three guys do some pretty cool tricks on BMX bikes. I still have no idea what educational value it had, but to be outside on a day like today was someone's brilliant idea! Anyway, it was pretty cool so I thought I'd share some pictures!

This is one of the guys jumping over two teachers and the other two BMX guys...I was scared for them! Publish Post

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You are so funny. I didn't really think about how all the kids would act the day after Halloween! I asked Jaymee about the assembly or whatever it was, and she wasn't sure what to think about it because it was too scary! hehe, she's a worrier! (sp?/word?)