Monday, March 10, 2008

Bop Bop's Birthday

Yesterday was my dad (Bop Bop)'s Birthday. We spent the day in Ahwatukee and Maddux got lots of good bonding time with Bop Bop. Brooklyn and Boston (my niece and nephew) started a tradition years ago of hunting for golf balls with my dad. Every Sunday they would go search for golf balls behind my parent's house on the golf course. Maddux got to carry on the tradition yesterday. Sadly, there were no golf balls to be found. But I did get a couple of cute pics of my dad with Maddux. Happy Birthday Bop Bop!!! Love you!!


ambercarlson said...

Oh daddy! he is so cute! sad we missed the party, as always! A

Marisa Rasmussen said...

Hey I wanted to tell you to check out my blog and look at these cool crib sheets. My sister-in-law told me about them before Amirra was born and I love them. I thought you would like to see them and tell all your friends who will mom's soon to check them out. They are wonderful. Have a great day. :)

Mark and Mel said...

What cute pictures!! That is so funny you dreamed about the baby blessing the night before...that always happens to me too. Hope the blessing went well!