Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Christmas was a blast this year. Maddux totally understand ripping paper off the presents and that there are toys inside (If there isn't a toy, the sad present gets thrown to the side while he frantically moves on to the next one).

Drew's family headed to Utah for the week, so we celebrated early with them. We had an Italian dinner and LOTS of presents.
Christmas Eve we decorated a gingerbread house and I put all my OCD tendencies aside and let Maddux put things wherever he wanted. It was a mess but very fun!We had a very relaxing Christmas day. Amber and her fam didn't fly in until 4:00 that day, so we spent the morning at home, opening presents and hanging out with our little fam. Then we headed to Ahwatukee and had a very fun time opening gifts and having dinner with everyone. Due to the high number of gifts and people present, I didn't have a lot of time for picture taking!

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