Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My baby is 2!

Maddux turned two today. I can not believe how fast time flies.
Here is the latest on my little buddy:

*He is a little dude. He is tall and very skinny and most of his friends (and 9 month old cousin) outweigh him.
*He loves trains, planes, cars, and motorcycles and will point them out everywhere we go.
*He knows all of his letters and the sounds they make.
*He has decided he hates eating. Mealtimes have become a bit of a nightmare.
*When he will eat, his favorite foods are quesadillas, pizza, treats (of any kind), and cheese.
*He has finally started snuggling with us a little bit. He will sit on our lap if we rub his tummy or his head.
*He still only says the first syllable of each word and speaks his own language that only Mommy and Daddy can understand. I've become quite the translator.
*He likes to dance and sing. His favorite song is "Slow Ride" and asks for it ALL the time.
*He will pee on the potty whenever we take him, but Mommy is lazy and still has diapers on him most days.
*He likes to have things put in their place and doesn't like a mess.
*He is still the absolute most active kid I've ever met.
*I think he is very smart (what parent doesn't) and he has a knack for figuring out how things work very quickly.
*He thinks the baby in my tummy is the birthmark I have next to my belly button.
*He can frustrate me to tears one second and completely melt my heart the next.


Marisa and Rob said...

Happy Birthday Maddux!!! Time sure does fly!!! :0)

Lauren said...

Happy Brithday M. I was going to ask you about that. We had guitar hero on at my house the other day and he kept saying "slow ride". So cute. I can't believe he's going to have a baby sister soon :)

Brandis said...

Happy birthday to one of our favorite little buddies!!

The Damron Doc said...

Wow I can't believe he is two! He is such acute little man! Good thing him and Carter are not in the same primary class...I think we would both be called as their teachers since they are SO busy!

Mark and Mel said...

Happy Belated B-day to Maddux! He's such a cute kid!

Anonymous said...

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