Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 months

My baby is 3 months today! It's crazy how fast time is flying and how quickly she is growing up already!

*Reese weighs about 11.8 pounds
*She has outgrown her first round of clothes and now wears 0-3 month.
*She loves to suck on her hands.
*She smiles at everything (Maddux, mommy, daddy, lamps, fans, toys, etc).
*Her favorite toy is her Lamaze Giraffe and she gets a huge open mouth smile when she looks at it's eyes.
*She poops a LOT.
*She wakes up only once a night (4am-give or take 10 mins).
*She will only use ugly green hospital pacifiers and refuses to suck on a "cute" one, even though I try every day!
*She has a very strong neck and looks around and everything.
*She still insists on being bounced to fall asleep. It's a bit of a nightmare! (suggestions???)
*She has a few rolls on her legs. This is so fun because Maddux has NEVER had a roll of baby fat. We call her our chunky monkey! :)
*She is in the top 50 for the Baby Idol contest, you can click HERE to vote for her!!


annie said...

She's so cute! I hope she wins Baby Idol!

Lindsey Jensen said...

She is adorable!!! Times goes by so quick with these babies!! Bronson is 9 months today and it is crazy to think he will be 1 in 3 months!!! He had the same problem with the paci's!! I tried all the time and it just wasn't worth it!! Good luck!

Katy, Bill and Easton said...

You two make some cute babies!

Trina said...

Such a cute baby! It was so fun to see you a couple weeks ago! We should get together some time. How is your new ward?