Friday, August 13, 2010

Remember THIS?

I decided it would be fun to do it again because:

1) It would help me lose the baby weight
2) It'd jump start me back into my favorite (and only) hobby
3) Training would be my "me time"
4) I wanted to beat my previous time

I may have been wrong because:

1) Even with 20 miles/week right now, there are 8 pounds just clinging to my body for dear life!
2) I'm exhausted chasing a 2 year old and tending to a 3 month old as it is! Those extra miles aren't helping the prob
3) My "me time" is at 5:45am and my long runs are followed by a not-so-relaxing bath shared with a 2 year old and 9 plastic dinosaurs. :)
4) I will NOT be beating my previous time. My goal for now is survival.

To be more upbeat, I just read through my blog from the first time I ran it and it got me REALLY excited again.

SO....49 days..16 hours...53 minutes...32 seconds till the start of round 2!


Beth Curtis said...

You are crazy, you look amazing.! I wish I had half of your motivation!! You go girl!

tiffany garfield photography said...

You're so awesome. at least you're getting your me time! I can't even get myself up that early to do it. You're inspiration. Thanks! Good luck! you'll do awesome!

Brandis said...

Oh Tarah. :) Hang in there, you'll survive it. I think you're a stud for doing it, even if there's a little crazy mixed in there. :) If it helps, you can read my blog post from before too. And maybe it won't rain this year?? :)

Lauren said...

You're joking right? Your baby is 3 months old and you only have 8 pounds to lose? C'mon that's unreal.

p.s. I am so proud of you- and I would like the record to show I am pretty sure you will beat your previous time.