Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Dress

I have two favorite Sundays every year...Primary Program and Christmas Program! I have always loved the Sunday before Christmas. I love Ooohing and Aaahing over all the little girls' Christmas dresses. I love the music, the program, everything. This was my first year to dress up a little girl and I have been SOOOO excited. I'm definitely a newbie because her tights were way too big, I forgot to get black shoes, and thank goodness it was warm enough to sport this sleeveless dress because I didn't think about a plan B if it was too cold.

I tried to take some pics of my two kiddos together and unfortunately, most of them ended up like this...So, Daddy distracted the big dude and I tried to get a couple of Reese's cute outfit.


Stephanie said...

I love her!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would rather Christmas undress her