Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Here is a little Maddux update....

*He has no lack of energy, still going strong...
*Adores his baby sister and is very protective of her.
*His diet consists of pizza, taquitos, quesadillas, PBJs, yogurt, chicken nuggets, and junk food. I seriously need to work on this!
*He loves the park, play areas, walmart and target.
*He can be very helpful, when he wants to be.
*He is very polite and says Please, Thank you, and your welcome and is quick to remind us if we forget to do the same.
*Is always pretending to be a super hero. Sometimes it is a well known superhero like batman, spiderman, the hulk (when he takes his shirt off). And sometimes he makes up his own -"jumpy guy" is a favorite.
*Loves everything Christmas. EVERYTHING!
*Cannot (or will not) sit still for anything. Not for dinner, prayers, church, shows... nothing.
*Says the cutest and funniest things on a daily basis. I should start writing them down.


Elise said...

Such a handsome little man! Boys are so much fun!

Tyra said...

Since your son is obsessed with Batman, just like hudson is here is a etsy acct for my sister inlaw, she makes awesome batman capes.