Monday, April 11, 2011

11 months

I've never been this behind with my monthly baby updates! Oops!

Reese is 11 months and I'm so excited to be thinking about her first birthday party!
I can't believe it's all gone by so fast!


*grew about 3 whispy pieces of hair in the last month
*still has 6 teeth
*waves bye-bye
*blows kisses
*is at your feet in a matter of seconds if you start eating something
*drops everything when she hears her daddy come in the door
*turns her head bashfully if anyone smiles at her
*can stand on her own for a LONG time
*tries to take steps, but always chickens out and goes down to her knees (ANY day now, I'm sure of it!)
*dances when we play music
*says mama, dada, and bye bye and finally knows what it means
*will not hold still (must run in the family)


Matt and Jayna said...

Wow, she has the lightest blue eyes I have ever seen! They are beautiful and she is the cutest little girl ever! We really need to get together sometime! It's been way to long!

Beth Curtis said...

she is beyond adorable! I can't believe she is almost a year!

Marisa and Rob said...

She is too cute!!