Sunday, May 8, 2011

Date Night

In the last year, I cannot think of a single time that Maddux and I have spent time together, just the two of us. So, I took advantage of this Mother Son Date Night at Chik-Fil-a. I LOVE Chik-fila. Their food is ok (definitely better than most other fast food places though), but I mostly love that it's so kid friendly and the employees are SO awesome.

So, to start our date off, we got to have a little carriage ride behind a big white horse. Maddux was SO excited. I think he felt sooo special! We had a little table for two with a server and everything.
Dessert included...
Craft table...The kids were supposed to make this hanging heart for their Mom's that said, "#1 MOM" However, Maddux insisted it would be for Daddy, so we left the "MOM" part off. ;)
They even had a relaxing corner set up for moms to get a chair massage while the kids played.

It was an awesome night and I loved spending time with my little bud!

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Mike and Alecia said...

Hey I went to that too!! Loved it! Seriously the cutest thing. Chick fila is really the best. Glad you guys got to spend quality time together. So fun!